Domain Registration

The importance of Domain Registration in launching a website

Register Domain can be considered the first step in designing a website. In general, online commerce can be regarded as one of the new business methods. The development of these revenue methods has led many people to seek to launch a website to introduce their services and products and sell them to consumers. Today, many companies in the field of domain registration are providing services to applicants that can be used to help select and register the right domain.

Domain registration is usually done for a certain period, after which users must renew it. Failure to renew the domain in time can cause many losses for business owners. Choosing a reputable domain registration company helps people not worry about problems such as forgetting domain renewal time.


Generally, there is about a month to complete the renewal process for international domains. If the mentioned period expires, the user can renew his domain for 15 days by paying the appropriate penalties. If any action is taken during this period, restoring it will not be possible, and the domain will be resold after a certain period. Will be placed on the site.

What is a domain, and how is a domain registered?

The domain, also called the domain, is the site title, also known as the URL. A title that is typing in the Internet browser to access the site. Domain registration is done with several extensions. The validity and value of these extensions determine the price for domain registration. For example, the address of Taratpics's website, which is as follows, is called the domain of Taratpics's website.

For example, the suffix com. Known as an international extension, it has the highest validity among extensions. Domain registration is also done based on the type of activity and location of an organization or company. For example, those who operate in Iran can use the .ir extension to register a domain. Use.

Domain registration steps

The first step in registering a domain is selecting a profession relevant to the activity type. Then, in the sites that have been designed for this purpose, it should be checked whether the desired domain has already been registered or not? Sometimes your domain may be registered with a specific link, but other extensions can be used to record it.

Of course, it is recommended to use special and unique titles to register the domain. Due to the importance of domain registration, it is better to register a few main extensions related to it all the time so that some profiteers can not be abused in the future. After these steps, you can pay the fee and register the domain you want by subscribing to the relevant sites.