How to Change Pre-Configured Router Location

1. Connect a smartphone/tablet or Laptop or PC to the router via WIFI or Ethernet Cable

2. Open an internet browser.

3. Type the address:

4. You will see the TP-Link administration login form.

5. Your login username and password is: Username: admin Password: admin or admin2020 Please do not use Quick Setup with admin panel

6. Click on Network menu item at the left sidebar and choose WAN

7. In the settings form choose L2TP/Russia on Connection Type dropdown menu at the top of the form

8. The VPN username and password are already filled by our company if you need help please contact our online support team (

9. You can change the server name to change the country in this step; please enter one of the below server names in the IP address field:

    France (Recommended for most customers)

    UK (few customers need this location)


    United State


Notes: All small letters without extra space, please do not copy and paste and type correctly.

10. Click on Save button and wait for at least 20 seconds, an amber light will appear for a few seconds, and then you can see the Blue light, all done, now you have changed the location, and your router is ready to use.