How to Use the Pre-Configured Router

1. You can see an Ethernet Cable in the box; this is for connecting your Main Internet Router. To the TP-Link Router.

2. Please plug one end of the ethernet cable into the Blue port (TP-Link WAN Port) 3. Plug the other end to any Internet spare port on your Existing Internet Router (Virgin, Sky, BT, EE, Talk Talk, …).

4. Connect the supplied power cable to the VPN Router and turn it on.

5. Please wait a minute; you will see Bluelight on the TP-Link Router. If you don’t use the router for 15 minutes, then the middle light stays with Amber, then it changes to Blue automatically when any device starts using the Internet with the router.

6. If you have any questions, please contact the support team and DO NOT PRESS RESET button on the router as it may reset the router to the factory settings.

7. After a minute you will see the Blue light, so the router is ready to use with your TV-BOX and ALL Other Devices.

8. Now you can connect to the TP-Link via Ethernet or WIFI, and you can use it as your VPN-Router.

9. Please do not connect all your devices to the TP-Link router as your VPN speed will share between all connected devices.


10. Please note the VPN Speed is not as your Internet Speed, the max speed with VPN is up to 50mbs. You will receive different rates with different devices.

11. You can contact the Support Team and asked them to renew your subscription when you need it.