SEO and Site Optimization


SEO and site optimization as one of the online marketing solutions is on Taratpics 's Professional Website Design agenda. We can rely on the knowledge of our expert team in the field of SEO and site optimization to achieve basic SEO methods and principles over years of experience. We want to bring our customers to the first rank of Google with specialized SEO and effective keywords.

Why is SEO Needed for Success?

A website should be beautiful and efficient simultaneously so that it can introduce your services to a wide range of people. For this reason, site optimization or SEO of a website is essential. When you place your business keywords on the first page of Google, many people will visit your site, which will increase your sales. For this reason, we have based the content management software on SEO principles and provide you with software that can get good rankings in search engines in the simplest possible way and in the shortest time.

We are by your Side.

We are ready to provide you with the best business solutions to improve your business. After years of practical experience and scientific studies, we have compiled a collection of the best site identification and optimization solutions that can help you introduce and reach new markets. We believe that just having a website will not help your business.

Your Rank in Google!

Getting ranked in Google is the key to reaching new markets. Of course, to choose the right keyword, specialized studies must be done by experts in this field. Given that Google's algorithms are constantly changing, we suggest you use up-to-date experts to promote your site and start your e-commerce.

Taratpics's SEO and Website Optimization Services

Taratpics, with 15 years of experience in SEO and website optimization, is at the service of all friends. Contact us if you have a website that you want SEO and optimization. Taratpics will seriously work on your website with a formal contract to solve all SEO problems. These services include:

  • Appropriate website keyword analysis
  • Internal website SEO
  • Build backlinks correctly
  • Complete review and update of published website posts
  • Through content analysis and SEO of photos and videos

We have considered all the issues of the day involved in getting rankings in search engines, especially Google for the website. As a result, after completing the project, you will see your website in the top ranks of Google.

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What is SEO and site Optimization?

SEO, including obscure words users encounter when designing a website. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which means search engine optimization; In fact, an SEO site is a site that is optimized for a search engine. SEO experts should do SEO and site optimization.

Website optimization is one of the methods of internet marketing, and after you have been able to optimize it after designing the website, you can compete with your competitors.

It is better to know what the meaning of site optimization is? When designing a website, the amount of activity done on your site should be such that the search engine likes it; In this case, if you search for keywords, the website will be provided to users for free.

In other words, any action that increases your site traffic and increases your site ranking in Google is called optimization.

SEO and site optimization will increase your site's ranking, making your site in the first pages of search engines. Also, due to the use of SEO services, users are attracted to the site at first glance and the page to the end. They do not leave.

SEO Step by Steps

SEO experts provide SEO techniques by using optimization techniques and their experiences, making your site rank higher than the search engine. Taratpics's SEO Consulting will also inform you about SEO services by providing you with the work process.

Now it is better to know that website SEO has fundamental principles and requirements that must be observed by SEO and site optimization experts:

  1. Complete principles of SEO techniques and careful review of target pages are fundamental.
  2. Keywords and word density are significant in SEO.
  3. Principled internal and external linking with quality has a significant impact.
  4. The more visits and retention of people on the site, the more favourable it will have on your website SEO.
  5. Permanent backlinks have a significant impact on on-site optimization.
  6. The existence of photos, videos and download files, tables and statistics significantly impact SEO and site optimization; Because pictures and videos relieve user fatigue.
  7. And many more….

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UI-UX Design and its impact on SEO!

Website design uses specific terms that may be a little strange to users who have come to design a dedicated website. It is better to get acquainted with the words UI and UX first.

UX stands for User Experience Design, the experience and feeling of users viewing a web page, and UI stands for User Interface Design, which means graphic design interface.

In designing a website, whether it is a ready-made website or a dedicated website design, the website design expert should follow the appropriate UI and UX to attract the site viewer.

Now it's better to know what these terms mean:

  •  UX: The reaction of users who refer to the site is called UX. One of web design professionals' essential tasks is creating a beautiful and exciting environment for the site user to challenge the user's feelings, click on different sections, and open other pages.
  • UI: In designing a website professionally, UI is a communication and interaction between the site and the client. The UI has a task to achieve the goals of UX.

UI and UX Differences

  1. The whole design of the website is called UX, in a way that will attract the user; If the UI is only small and limited details of this overall design.
  2. Using UI designs will make the user experience a better sense of site details.
  3. The whole website and how it works, called UX for short, depends entirely on the user's decision, but the UI design is very much up to your web designer.